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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Defends Herself!

Farrah Abraham with daughter Sofia

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is defending herself after a licensed childcare provider made comments questioning whether the young mother was fit to be a parent.

Abraham left daughter Sophia, 19-months, at a child care facility for 12 hours a day and sometimes up to seven times a week.
“I don’t know how I would EVER forget my daughter – I love her and she’s all I think about”, she said. “To use Sophia to make money from that magazine. It’s really sad that somebody would use a child like this and do this to her when Sophia’s just a baby”, the young mother added.
“The only time I use a babysitter right now is when my mom or grandmother can’t watch Sophia, when I’m at school or working I have to use a babysitter for a few hours sometimes. I have responsibilities and I’m a single parent”, Abraham went on defending herself.

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