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Teen Mom Amber Pregnant Again; Unknown Father!

Teen Mom Amber Portwood

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is pregnant again and she doesn’t know who’s the father.

The most troubled mother in the world, Amber is under investigation for abusing her former boyfriend, Gary Shirley and her daughter, Leah was briefly declared a ward of the state. Soon after Amber earned back her custodial right, she found out she was pregnant again. 

Amber is a sex addicted woman. She thinks there’s a bigger possibility for Gary to be the father, but she’s not sure. Apparently she had sex with eight different men in two months.
“Amber is scared to death about what’s to come. She adores Leah, but she doesn’t really want to be tied down with another baby”, one source told Star magazine. Or maybe she’s happy she’s receiving this whole attention again!

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