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Noah Wyle Son Was Proud Of Him Being Arrested

Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle arrest made his son proud of him

Noah Wyle was arrested last month, but his son didn’t mind. The ‘Falling Skies’ actor told People that his 9-year-old son Owen was supportive of him getting arrested at a protest in Washington D.C.

“I did talk to my son after I got released early the next morning. I called him before school, and I explained what happened and that I was okay. (I) kind of explained it in as simple terms as possible, and I thought I was going on a little bit too long and I may have lost him, but as soon as I stopped talking, he just jumped in and said, ‘I think you did the right thing, Dad’”, he explained.

The 40-year-old actor was very moved by his son’s reaction. He almost started to cry. The actor and around 100 ADAPT members were cuffed while voicing their opinions on preventing Medicaid cuts.

“It’s a pretty complex issue to try to explain to a 6- and a 9-year-old. You think about stupid things. ‘I’ve got to bring my driver’s license, but I don’t want to bring my wallet. I want to bring 100 dollars, but I don’t want to bring too much extra cash,’ little things like that. ‘Don’t carry your pocket knife today’”, the former ‘ER’ star said.

Wyle and ex-wife Tracy are parents to 9-year-old son Owen and 6-year-old daughter Auden.

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